1. Who is ByTheBook Keepers? ByTheBook Keepers, Inc. is a solutions driven bookkeeping and back office service with locations in Washington and California. Through its predecessor companies, ByTheBook Keepers has been assisting small businesses, professionals and non-profit organizations for over 40 years with bookkeeping and tax solutions.

2. What makes ByTheBook Keepers’ services different? ByTheBook Keepers is solutions oriented. We recognize your bookkeeping system is broken, takes too much of your time and is always out of date. We also enable you to finally hire that one or two persons, instead of paying them under the table or having a complicated payroll system. If you have a business or tax problem, ask us. Just summarize it in an email to btb@bythebookkeepers.com. Back office solutions are our business, with integrated cloud based systems our tools, to help our clients grow by eliminating their pain of managing these efforts.

3. What type of bookkeeping system is Used ByTheBook Keepers? The system we believe best serves the needs and interests of most of our clients is Xero, a cloud based system that is state of the art system and provides us with the ability to best assist our clients without requiring our clients to learn complicated bookkeeping systems to keep up with their books. We constantly evaluate other solutions and may offer one of them to you based on our evaluation of your business and back office.  We are also able to assist you in QuickBooks.  We believe that QuickBooks is too complicated to use for most of our clients, but, if you are currently using it and want to continue to use it, we can help you.  We can also assist you in conversion of your books from QuickBooks to Xero.

4. How do I decide which ByTheBook Keepers service package is best for my business? Just ask us. We start you out on a basic bookkeeping package with a cost as low as $100/mo and make further recommendations as we discover how we can best help you.

5. How do I send my papers, receipts, invoices, bank deposits, and other documentation to ByTheBook Keepers? ByTheBook Keepers has been designed to be as paperless as possible. We assist our client in becoming paperless and avoid the huge stacks of binders and file folders that infect almost every bookkeeping department since the dawn of man.

6. How do I know the status of my books and account with ByTheBook Keepers? While ByTheBook Keepers actually “keeps your books,” You are invited to be an observer to the process and are able to instantly see what your business is doing by dropping into your “company dashboard” on our website to see key indicators, reports and even create special reports as you choose. Additionally, you have you own assigned bookkeepers, to call or contact as and as often as you choose. You are never left in the dark.

7. Is ByTheBook Keepers’ system secure? All information is uploaded using secure software systems with bank level security. No login information for banking or financial accounts is stored in the system.

8. What is ByTheBook Keepers’ privacy policy? The security of our client’s information is of paramount importance to ByTheBook Keepers. You can read our Privacy Policy online.

9. Does ByTheBook Keepers provide my business with IRS Audit protection? ByTheBook Keepers cannot, nor can anyone else, provide protection from audit. The IRS has its own unique audit selection process which is designed and modified regularly to find the types of businesses that they think are abusing the system. Our tax representation partners are highly qualified in defending clients once they are selected for an audit or you may use your own tax representation as you choose and we will support their efforts. ByTheBook Keepers does maintain your books in such a way as to provide the best audit defense possible.

10. Would I still need to hire a bookkeeper or accountant if I use ByTheBook Keepers’ system? In a word, no. Nor would you need a bookkeeping clerk. We do it all for you. Initially, though, you would need someone to help you with the things we are not yet doing for you.

11. Can I talk to the bookkeeper that handles my account at ByTheBook Keepers? Yes. Of course. Your team is always available to you and glad to answer any questions you may have in person, by phone, by email or using one of the new, common tools such as Skype or Face Time.

12. I have been using QuickBooks for years–do I have to give that up? No.  ByTheBook Keepers believes Xero is the best solution for most businesses, but some still prefer to continue to use QuickBooks.  Not a problem.  We can assist you there as well.  ByTheBook Keepers is able to quickly and thoroughly convert your QuickBooks’ files using professionals at Xero.Com who are especially trained for this purpose at no cost to the client.

13. I haven’t had my books done for months…..or years….how do we catch up? Our monthly fees starts at the first month you want your books done. Once we catch up with you, to the present, we can add other services for the future, but the initial, low monthly fee will be what we charge for those catch up months. We can go back as far as you want.

14. Can ByTheBook Keepers handle our payroll? Do I need ADP or Paychex? Yes, ByTheBook Keepers can handle your payroll. No need to have a third party perform that function for you when ByTheBook Keepers can do it just as well and at very competitive costs.

15. Can ByTheBook Keepers prepare our corporate and personal Income Tax Returns? ByTheBook Keepers has a strategic relationship with MyTaxMD, a sister company partner that has been providing tax expertise and representation for small businesses and their owners for over 40 years. Just ask as and we will have a representative contact you.  Generally, one of our senior advisers handles tax advice, tax planning and representation with myTaxMD handling the preparation and processing of the tax returns as a service to our clients.

16. Can I keep the tax preparer that I currently have? Yes you can. We are happy to work with them and provide them with current information they need to prepare your taxes and advise you as they have been doing.

17. How do I sign up for ByTheBook Keepers’ services? It’s easy! Head to the Contact Us page. The Contact form make it easier for us to understand your business’s unique needs. We’ll get right back to you! You can also find our phone numbers and address there. Contact us in whatever method is easiest! We will have a representative, in your area, contact you to discuss the solutions needed for you. No pressure, just information.